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Company history

Werkstatt um 1950 The company was established in 1950 as a metalworking and forging company by Franz J. Schwarz and was handed over in 1987 in the second generation to Siegfried Schwarz and in 2007 renamed to become Schwarz GmbH.

Alongside metalworking work, series stamping, construction fittings, the range was extended through ROBUSTA snow guard systems.

A further step was in 1995 the taking over of the production of frame formwork cleaners. Through further technical development, we have been successful in offering a comprehensive programme of formwork cleaners which are now used worldwide.

We always make every effort to implement your wishes in practice on 1700 m² of production area. We see the individual wishes of our customers as a challenge.

If you want to get more information about our company you can find our complete company history here.

Our customers

We have established a customer base around the globe and we're successfully delivering our machines into the most diverse places in the world.

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